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February 2008 Newsletter

Website Analytics:

We all own a website that we are using to promote our business.  When we think about our website we should look and ask ourselves, "How well do I know my website?".  This is where a tool called IndexTools web analytics can help us achieve that.  Here is a brief overview of how it can help us look at our site:

  • It gives us the opportunity to see website stats that are more thorough and accurate than we generally see through our webhost stat tool.  We can view the key phrase a visitor used to find us,  specific pages the visitor went to and how they exit the site.  This is important since it will give us clues if we have a broken link or a bad page of content that turn people away from our site.
  • We can also use IndexTools as a sales tool for our business.  Recently a client signed on to IndexTools and found four sales leads in one day.  One of the leads the client had order the same day!  Many companies use what is called a name server so we can trace what company the visitor works for.  Once we are armed with that information we can simply pick up the phone and call to the department of the contact you generally deal with inside the organization.  Then it's up to you to get the deal!!
  • From the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective it gives great feedback on how the site is growing in the organic searches.  An SEO firm will be able to track the performance of your campaign and physically see results.  It will also give proof to you that the money you have spent with the SEO firm is money well spent.  If you would like to find out more about optimizing your website please visit our sister company Grant Communications, LLC.  
  • If you are running multiple pay-per-click campaigns across multiple search engines IndexTools has an option to manage them all through one simple to use interface.

If you are interested in taking IndexTools for a test drive let us know.  We can set you up with a 15 day trial.  After the trial period is over the cost per month starts at $49.95.  Chances are you will book a client the first month you try it.  If your not using it you may be losing business.  To learn more about IndexTools you can visit.