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Velocity Web Hosting and Training
... When Speed Is Everything! ™

Personal Hosting

  • Starting at $9.95
  • Disk Space: 10Mb
  • Monthly Transfer: 1GB

Virtual Private Server

  • Starting at $110.00 month
  • Disk Space: 30Gb
  • Ram: 512MB

Contribute Training

  • Individual or Group
  • On-Site at your facility
  • Rates start at $380


Custom Programming

  • LAMP Development
  • PHP, ASP, Support
  • OSCommerce      

(Contribute and the Contribute logo is the copyright of Adobe®)


We offer a new spam reduction program that allows you total control over spam. With an easy to use control panel you can easily see your spam inbox and whitelist or blacklist addresses. The cost is $99.00 per year. To have this set up contact support. The cost is $99.00 per year.



Our servers are located in secure data centers in New Jersey, California, Texas, Virginia, Chicago and Miami.

We specialize in Linux platforms running Apache with Plesk Power Pack, firewall and control panels for all customers. Our spam control is handled by industry-leading Spam Assasin.

We are a full-service web hosting company, focusing on personal service in an era of automation. We like our clients. Our clients like us. While this sounds trivial, it infuses our organization with a demand for perfection in all our services.

Web Hosting

We offer a series of packages that are fully customizable. All hosting plans are built on being scaleable. With personal site pricing starting at $9.95, and corporate web hosting averaging $24.95, we remain extremely competitive for the personalized service.

Additional services include domain name parking, aliasing and search engine strategies to improve your business development activities.

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Web Security

We are concerned for the online security of our clients. We continually monitor every site we host, and also offer simple documents that explain online security threats.

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Shopping Cart

You have to use a preformatted ugly template when you use a shopping cart, right?


We can fully customize the "Look and Feel" of the OScommerce shopping cart system, at a fraction of the cost of a custom programming solution. This is the ideal solution for smaller companies looking for a "Big Boy" application, while maintaining a tight budget.

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Domain Name Registration

Looking for one or multiple domain names? We can help... And we can alias, or point, new domains to your physical address.

And we can help use these assets to make you more money! Ask about our Organic Search Engine Marketing programs...

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Website Maintenance Training

We train clients regularly throughout Greater New England on how to maintain their new corporate website. Using the industry-leading software product Adobe™ Contribute®, we show you how to manage files, photos and graphics, and using styles (CSS) that will maintain consistency with the files we created.

We're an Adobe™ Dreamweaver® studio, so we create sites that have internet CMS (Content Maagement System) capabilties. These include Libraries, or reusable content, as well as editable/non-editable areas within Templates, to prevent clients from making conversion- crippling mistakes.

We also offer onsite training in how to use and maximize the OSCommerce shopping cart system. Training includes uploading product photos, updating product prices and descriptions, maintaining the meta area for limited search engine optimization and updating content within the OS engine.

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Web Site Statistics and Reporting

In addition to using the robust AWstats web log reporting, we are also a provider of "Next Generation" web analytics software. Managed through an Application Service Provider, these statistics will literally show you who visited to your site, when, what pages they viewed, how long they were on each page, and where they exited. Custom dialogs can be created for pivotal events; Contact, Order, Register.

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Web Site Design

We offer two main levels of sophistication for our web design clients. First, our "Affordable" level of website design is ideal for smaller business clients looking for credible graphics and code. Second, our "Corporate" level is sophisticated and edgy, increasing conversion rates. In both cases, our organic search engine optimization services rival those of Madison Avenue counterparts, at a fraction of the cost!

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Because you speak English, so do we. But occasionally we slip up; its a functional environment. So, we've provided a comprehensive set of documents to assist in interpreting what we really said...

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