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1. This IRM provides the standard for web site domain names on all IRS Internet and intranet web sites.
Domain means, in this context, Internet domain and not Windows domain.

2. Web Services is responsible for managing the internal domains. The management of the domain name space "" ensures that all Domain Names for web sites in the Internal IRS Domain Name System (IRS intranet DNS) or External IRS Domain Name System (IRS Internet DNS) have been approved and are being managed by the IRS or their official representatives. To maintain domain name integrity, eligibility is limited to qualified IRS government organizations and programs.

3. Domain name registration requirements ensure that a site (or host) is an established entity on the Internet or IRS intranet. Requirements also stipulate that the site (or host) has been approved for external or internal use by an executive level sponsor and will have proper management controls and support in existence.
4. This standard is to be used by all IRS personnel and contractors for understanding and performing their responsibilities in regards to domain name registration and compliance.

5. The domain facilitates collaboration among government-to-government, government-to-business, and government-to-citizen entities. This domain hosts only official IRS sites and the Web Services Division (WS) and Internet Development Services Division (IDS) provides oversight to ensure that only official registered sites will be accessible from the Internet or IRS intranet.

6. Web Services will review this IRM on an annual basis and make updates as necessary.

1. The following references were used to develop this standard.
" Web Services Division web site,
" Web Services Registration Database available at
" IRM 2.25.2, IRS Portal and Extranet Usage Standard.
" IRM 2.25.3, Intranet Web Site and Web Server Registration.
" IRM 2.13.15, Domain Name System.
" GSA registration web site,
" E-Government Act of 2002, Section 207.


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