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Low Cost Domain Name Registration
From its origins as a U.S.-based research vehicle, the Internet is rapidly becoming an international medium for commerce, education and communication. The traditional means of organizing its technical functions need to evolve as well. The pressures for change are coming from many different quarters:

-There is widespread dissatisfaction about the absence of competition in domain name registration.
-Mechanisms for resolving conflict between trademark holders and domain name holders are expensive and cumbersome.

-Without changes, a proliferation of lawsuits could lead to chaos as tribunals around the world apply the antitrust law and intellectual property law of their jurisdictions to the Internet.

-Many commercial interests, staking their future on the successful growth of the Internet, are calling for a more formal and robust management structure.

-An increasing percentage of Internet users reside outside of the U.S., and those stakeholders want a larger voice in Internet coordination.

-As Internet names increasingly have commercial value, the decision to add new top-level domains cannot continue to be made on an ad hoc basis by entities or individuals that are not formally accountable to the Internet community.
-As the Internet becomes commercial, it becomes inappropriate for U.S. research agencies (NSF and DARPA) to participate in and fund these functions.

Others feel strongly, however, that if multiple registries are to exist, they should be undertaken on a not-for-profit basis.

They argue that lack of portability among registries (that is, the fact that users cannot change registries without adjusting at least part of their domain name string) could create lock-in problems and harm consumers. For example, a registry could induce users to register in a top-level domain by charging very low prices initially and then raise prices dramatically, knowing that name holders will be reluctant to risk established business by moving to a different top-level domain.

We concede that switching costs and lock-in could produce the scenario described above. On the other hand, we believe that market mechanisms may well discourage this type of behavior. On balance, we believe that consumers will benefit from competition among market oriented registries, and we thus support limited experimentation with competing registries during the transition to private sector administration of the domain name system.

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