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How Does E-commerce Work?

An e-commerce site is much like a mail-order business. E-commerce sites have a list or catalog of goods or services (items) for you to review. This catalog will contain one or more goods or services.

Once you have decided to purchase an item, you add the item to your shopping cart. If you want to purchase more items from that site, you can return to the catalog and add additional items to your shopping cart.

Once you have finished shopping, you provide your shipping and billing information to the payment manager. The payment manager contacts the VisaNet authorization center to authorize your payment. Once payment is authorized, you receive a confirmation screen.

To make goods and services available to you online, the E-government program has developed an
e-commerce system for state agencies. We use state of the art technology to keep your billing and payment information safe.

Why Use E-commerce?

Faster Service

You don't need to wait in line to be able to buy goods or services from the state. In fact, you can make most purchases in less than 10 minutes.


With the E-government e-commerce system, you are not limited to doing business during "government hours". You can do business when it is most convenient for you. You can also do business with the state from the privacy of your own home.


E-commerce transactions are secure. We use state of the art encryption technology to protect your payment information. And we use industry-standard Visa/MC payment methods to process online transactions.


Velocity Ecommerce Shopping Cart


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