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Electronic business (e-business) is any process that a business organization conducts over a computer-mediated network. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is that part of e-business that involves the buying and selling of goods and services online. With the growth of the Internet and the expansion of e-commerce, some service firms specialize in developing and maintaining sites on the World Wide Web (see below) for client companies. Others create and maintain corporate intranets or self-contained internal networks linking multiple users within an organization by means of Internet or, more recently, wireless technology. These firms design sophisticated computer networks, assist with upgrades or conversions, custom design special programming features for clients, and engage in continual maintenance. They help clients select the right hardware and software products for a particular project, and then develop, install, and implement the system, as well as train the client's users. Service firms also offer consulting services for any stages of development throughout the entire process, from design and content development to administration and maintenance of site security.

The widespread use of the Internet and intranets also has resulted in an increased focus on security. The robust growth of e-commerce highlights this concern, as firms seek to attract as many potential customers as possible to their Web sites. Security threats range from damaging computer viruses to online credit card fraud. Services contracted out to security consulting firms include analyzing vulnerability, managing firewalls, and providing protection against intrusion and software "viruses." Information technology (IT) security involves computer security, making software and networks safe; and homeland security, keeping track of people and information. The need for more secure Internet and intranet sites to ensure protection for individuals' personal information and to allow companies and banks to protect their funds and infrastructure has created a new demand for cyberspace security professionals.


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