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Data centers and data outsourcing represent growth markets in Chile. In fact, Chile is strong in software development and data processing, and opportunities for joint ventures between U.S. and Chilean technology companies exist. Key areas include software localization, turnkey database systems and maintenance services. In terms of databases, credit reporting services are a commonly used tool for business decision making in Chile. Companies such as Equifax have entered the market by acquiring local credit reporting companies.

Electronic banking is becoming very popular in Chile, as banks seek to reduce their costs through the use of the Internet for regular transactions. Still, Chileans are concerned about perceived weakness in the security, reliability and speed of their electronic banking systems, presenting a very good market opportunity for U.S. technology and service providers in the field. Electronic signatures and invoicing are becoming more commonplace too, bringing opportunities in areas such as encryption and training on how to use these new technologies.

Demand for Internet services in Chile is growing rapidly. According to a recent study by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, "digital economy" transactions will reach US$ 8.5 billion in Chile this year, representing 12% of the gross domestic product and a 27% increase compared to 2002. The digital economy in Chile, is made up of the following sub-sectors: e-commerce 46%, telecommunications 32%, infrastructure 12%, services 8%, and software and applications 2%. For 2003, e-commerce transactions - mainly B2B - are expected to surpass US$ 3.8 billion, telecommunications operations will reach some US$ 2.7 billion, infrastructure - mainly hardware and net access - US$ 1 billion, services US$ 700 million, and software and applications US$ 180 million. Business opportunities in this sector will only continue to grow as the private sector and government work to promote electronic commerce in Chile.

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