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Getting online

To implement any form of online trading, you must have a presence on the Internet. You could either set up a dedicated web site for your company or share space on another site.

The simplest route is to make your products and services available on an existing web site that has online trading facilities. For example, many industry bodies and partner organisations have web sites that are used to promote their members. Adding your portfolio to one of these sites is often cheap and easy to implement, but it is not exclusive. For an exclusive presence, you would need to build your own web site.

Building Your Web Site

This does not need to be as expensive or complicated as you might think. There are many web design companies who will do this for you. If you have limited experience of the Internet, this is probably the best approach as such specialists can take care of the site design, arrange for a domain name and for hosting, and ensure that the necessary e-commerce requirements are in place. Web design is a growing industry and many companies (especially the smaller ones) offer very competitive rates. It is, therefore, advisable to carry out research into the best possible price.

If you are more confident in your use of the Internet, you could use a commercial web design package to create your own site. These can be purchased from most computer retailers and often come with pre-defined templates which can be used as a starting point. Tools for publishing the completed web site are usually included with these packages.
Remember that your customers are not necessarily Internet experts - ensure that they can find what they want quickly and purchase it with ease. Keep your design simple but include as much relevant information as possible. Avoid complex pictures, diagrams and unnecessary animations - these take time to download and some visitors may leave the site rather than wait for a page to be displayed.

Hosting Your Web Site

Once you have a basic structure for your web site, the next stage is to publish it. To do this you will need some web space - i.e. an area on the Internet that is reserved to store your site. There are three main options for obtaining web space:

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