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Build the site

The cost of building a website varies enormously. Most Internet Service Providers may allow you to develop a basic site on site as well as well as offering free or cheap hosting.

Basic websites can be built in standard software packages such as Microsoft Front Page. Other packages such as Director, Flash and Shockwave are professional design tools that add increased multimedia features such as sound, video and animation.

You can also hire a contractor to build you a site.

Hosting the site

In order for your website to be available, it needs to be 'hosted' on a computer that's permanently connected to the internet.

There are many web server hosting options, and the best choice for you will depend on what kind of website you want to have, and how much you are prepared to pay for hosting.

If you are planning a relatively simple website, you could use what's known as a 'virtual host'. What that means is that your website will run on a computer belonging to a hosting company. The computer will be shared with many other websites. This type of hosting is cheap and easy to arrange. Most Internet Service Providers will offer the service at little or no extra charge: it is usually advertised as 'free web space'.

If your website is more complex you will probably need a specialist web hosting solution.

You could also buy a dedicated computer and web server and host your own website. This option is usually only taken by large organisations with considerable technical skills and expertise.

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