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Every day, new content is added to the Web. Sorting through this data and organizing it for search portals is an unending task, and the number of pages grows exponentially. In addition, there are numerous pages that are not accurately catalogued due to the technical difficulties associated with them. The need to keep up with all this content should ensure strong growth for Web search portals over the next decade. Further growth should come from an increase in the number and scope of additional services beyond simple search functions as Web search portals compete for users and look for additional sources of revenue.

As the number of Internet users has grown, so has the number of businesses, organizations, and individuals providing information and services primarily through Web sites. This can range from simple text to retail or subscription music services. Whatever the content, the continuing growth in the number of such sites should drive strong employment growth in data processing, hosting, and related services. Increasing concerns over security also will require more advanced technical solutions, resulting in further job growth within the industry. Both data hosting services and data processing centers also should experience employment growth as the result of the continued need to input paper records into computer files and to convert older, archived data to newer formats.

In ISPs and Web search portals, job opportunities should be best for computer specialists, such as computer software engineers and network systems and data communications analysts. There should be strong continuing demand for these and other computer specialists to maintain and upgrade the systems that keep users connected and the search engines that make the Web navigable. As companies in this industry continue to add services and content, they will need these workers to implement the changes. Demand for computer specialists also should experience solid growth in data processing, hosting, and related services, particularly in Web hosting services.

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