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Domain Names: Web addresses that are used to help people find websites on the Internet. Domain names are made up of a hierarchy known as levels, which are separated by periods (".") within the domain name. Top-level domains include domains such as .gov, .mil., .us, .org, .com., and .edu. Examples of a federal organization's domain name are, and

Extranet: A public-private website or portal, secured or password-protected, specifically designed for selected workers in an organization and selected external partners to conduct internal business.

POLICY: DEVELOPING WEB CONTENT POLICIES AND REQUIREMENTS FOR FEDERAL PUBLIC WEBSITES IS AN ONGOING PROCESS, REQUIRING STRUCTURE. The federal government must continue to review and improve web content policies and practices and look ahead to new policies and practices that can make federal public websites, both individually and as a group, the most citizen-focused and visitor-friendly in the world. When common web content practices will both improve the visitors' experience and make better use of resources across the federal government, they should be implemented. We need a structure to ensure this happens.

a. Recommendation: OMB Should Establish a Web Content Advisory Council OMB should establish a permanent Web Content Advisory Council to regularly review and make recommendations for strengthening web content policies and for coordinating support for implementing the policies across federal agencies. The Council should continue, and expand on, the work started by the Web Content Standards Working Group. The Council should serve as an advisory group to OMB agencies and base its recommendations on regular input from federal web content managers, others who work on federal websites, program managers, other stakeholders, web content experts, industry advisors, and citizens. OMB should ensure that the Council has adequate funding and support. The Council should report annually to OMB on its accomplishments and plans.

The Council's Duties: The Council should have two primary responsibilities:
1. Support OMB by making recommendations about web content policies and practices
Review existing policies, requirements, and guidelines and propose changes and additions, as necessary.
Review requests for common content on federal public websites, such as proposed links and icons. Recommend to OMB the best way to implement the common content, based on usability testing, audience analysis, and other best practices.
Recommend OMB action on current and proposed cross-agency portals.
Offer other recommendations related to web content practices, requested by OMB.

2. Support federal web content managers by coordinating best practices, research, and other practical tools that can be shared and leveraged across all federal agencies.

Manage and maintain the Web Content Management Toolkit website which will include a complete listing of all requirements and guidelines for federal public websites, implementation guidance, resources and references for implementation, examples and best practices, and other important information for federal web content managers.
Plan and host an annual Web Content Managers Workshop to discuss lessons learned and best practices in implementing requirements and guidelines for federal public websites, ideas, trends, and possibilities for collaboration.
Research and establish a directory of web content manager resources, including training opportunities for web content managers.

Manage the web content managers' contact database and listserv.
Coordinate regular meetings of web content managers, incorporating both presentations on current issues and "roundtable" discussions intended to share lessons learned and best practices.

Research, evaluate, and propose partnerships to provide agencies common services such as web analytical support, usability testing, customer analysis, and translation resources.

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