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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are companies that specialize in providing internet access and web hosting services for businesses. They are a key resource that can help you to set-up and manage your website for credit card payments.
It's possible to host your website on your own computer and to arrange for credit card payments independently of an ISP. However, to do this confidently, securely and cost-effectively you will need to have a significant amount of technical expertise.

A third option is to approach an Application Service Provider (ASP) or a web developer, who can provide a suite of eCommerce components as an overall package.

Some ISPs limit their services to basic capabilities, such as giving you a connection to the internet and providing an email service.

If you're seeking an ISP that can process credit card payments electronically, you need one that has more sophisticated technical and business capabilities. For example:
website hosting
advertising and promotion
catalogue templates
website design
website and search engine registration
web-based forms to collect information from your customers

Service levels

It's important that the ISP or web hosting service that you choose is capable of providing the level of service that you need to maintain your online store and to provide your customers with a positive experience.

Ask your ISP to supply specific information about the level of service that they will provide. For example:
the connection speed to the internet
the reliability of the connection to the internet
demonstrated compatibility of their technology with that of major eCommerce systems and merchant account providers
how the order details will be communicated to your business
the support services available during your business hours or on a 24-hour basis
if your goods are delivered electronically, can your ISP arrange automatic and immediate despatch (for example, software or digital reports)
if your goods are delivered physically, how will your ISP inform you about details such as delivery address and other instructions from your customer

Security and SSL certificates
Using the internet to process credit card transactions potentially exposes your company network and the information of your customers to unauthorised users. Your ISP can assist you with advice on:
anti-virus software and regular updates
firewall software to the type of traffic that can access your network from the internet
security certificates from a registered issuer

Many web hosting plans include an option to install a unique SSL (Secure Socket Layer at 128bit encryption) certificate. With this reassurance, customers on your website will know that the credit card details and personal information that they submit is being transmitted through a secure channel.

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